When it comes to VR porn sites, most of them tend to follow a pretty standard sort of format, and after a while you can barely distinguish one from another. But just as sex and porn is as diverse as the desires and interests and fetishes of the individual, so too should the market reflect that – and that’s where comes in. The site, which has a distinctly amateurish feel to it, is actually pretty cool, especially when it comes to offering an extensive (and we’re tempted to say ‘comprehensive’) selection of different sexual situations.

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Perhaps the most provocative aspect of the entire site was the way they organized their different VR videos. There is both a Women’s POV and a Man’s POV, which is actually a pretty distinct and innovative element. Many of the other VR porn studios only offer a one-off sort of experience, where you are basically trapped in a single POV, and while the industry is geared mostly towards men, it usually mean’s that’s the perspective you’re locked into.

On the other hand, has men and women, so you can watch Ashlee Jayne ride you and take you wholly in her mouth, or you can switch it up and sit back as the chick while Dyno tempts your inner thighs with his tongue before burying his face against your clit.

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There is a distinctly more ‘pro-sex’ and positive attitude to that doesn’t feel quite as cold and detached as over websites as well, and there is a certain character to it that will really appeal to those who have some alternative desires and fantasies they want to play out, whether it’s just a pleasant fuck with your anime-eyed tattooed girlfriend in the privacy of a bedroom, or you’re into some light BDSM and various fetishes. There is something (literally) for everyone.

On Top Of Diversity, A Cool Payment Plan

Balls Deep in the BathroomThe next thing that people usually gauge a VR website on is its cost, and with high production studios often throwing out videos with costly memberships, it can eventually add up.

That’s why it was also nice to see that has an easier setup: they require an ‘account’ which is basically your email, and then you can pay via Credit Card or Paypal – but instead of a membership, they offer their videos in the same way Amazon does. You can search through their archives, and simply click ‘Add to Cart’ if you like it, so in this way you’re really just shopping for VR videos. This also means that you get *exactly* what you’re looking for, so from an economic standpoint this makes a lot more sense and is more fair to the customers.

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As it is, most videos retail for about $2.99 – the downside to this is that while you get the videos permanently after paying, many of them are in the 9 to 10 minute range. In contrast, going with other VR sites that use memberships means you might be getting more content for less money. Essentially it boils down to personal choice.

In regards to the actual movies though, as we’ve mentioned they have everything from Red Riding Hood being stopped by the Big Bad Wolf (a guy in a wolf mask and little else) and then having to give up her “treats” as the two fuck standing up in the woods, to foot fetish videos. That said, quantity and diversity have come at a cost – although all rendered in 3D, a lot of their videos are clearly amateurish, and the resolution on a lot of them is not the greatest by any stretch of the imagination.

Additionally, it feels as if quite a few of them have implemented a sort of steady-cam approach, and this doesn’t bode well for virtual reality. It’s one of the reasons that other wealthy VR porn sites have devoted energy and money to stabilization and head tracking motion in their videos; at on the other hand, you might find yourself getting a little dizzy with some of their sets. If you want your own VR slavegirl, then you need to check this studio!

Overall Customer Satisfaction and Headset Capabilities

Lastly, a good VR site will also implement some amount of accessibility to their users based on what sorts of HMD (head mounted display) devices they have. We were quite surprised to see they were compatible with almost all of them, including the most recent headsets like the Vive from HTC and Sony Playstation VR (which wasn’t even out at the time of writing this review).

Additionally, they were quite helpful in their How To section by listing all of the devices and then having a more detailed set-up tagged to each – for instance, if you had a Google Cardboard you could click on the picture and it would have a step by step outline for how to not only download but also upload videos onto your headset.

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Admittedly, some of the headsets are not yet out, or if they are may be very new to the market, so several of their pictures have dead links. On the other hand, they mention at the bottom that if your own HMD How To is not listed, you can submit a step by step guide to the site itself, and they will give you a coupon for 10 free videos off their site – definitely an amateurish move, but for someone trying to watch their budget, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Overall, there is a lot to be said for the VR content at, and a lot of it stems not necessarily from the quality of their videos, but the philosophy behind it: one of sex positivity. In essence, this means regarding sex as a positive thing, and encouraging a collective positivity around the act, the intimacy, and the spectrum that it falls on. They have definitely one of the best VR punished porn on the web.

And this is reflected in their content. We give a 7.9 out of 10, as a site that offers a bit more of an alternative porn experience, the only downside being that the quality of their videos sometimes falls a bit sub-par and that individual pricing for each set can certainly add up in no time if you’re not careful.

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