Virtual Real Porn For Samsung Gear VR

VirtualRealPorn.comvrp is an adult entertainment website that offers a wide range of immersive VR porn for a variety of VR headsets. The service supports the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Homido, Durovis Dive, Zeiss VR One, and Google Cardboard, among others.

180 and 360 degree VR Porn Movies for the Gear VR: supports 180-degree stereoscopic content made possible by filming in 3D, giving the sense of actually being on the act. Every VR porn movie allows full head tracking for supported VR headsets – it lets the user to see around the scenes just by moving his head.


VR Sex in Ultra High Resolution on Gear VR

Every content is recorded in full 1080p HD, and these movies can be experienced in either a first-person or third-person perspective. There are 58 movies (and counting) to choose from, categorized into different genres – lesbian, threesome, straight sex – you name it, but as of now there are no gay porn movies yet. VirtualRealPorn has three brands at the moment, VirtualRealPorn for Straight Porn, VirtualRealGay for Gay VR Porn and VirtualRealTrans for Shemale VR Porn.

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Virtual Real Porn supports VR Sex Toys…

To add spice and realism to the overall experience, also supports Lovense sex toys, which can be synchronized with any of the movies.


How much is a VR Porn Movie?

You can get full access to’s VR porn selection when you subscribe to any of their tiers.

If you want to try it out first without any commitment, a special offer costs EUR 5.95 for the first 15 days, and recurs at EUR 15.95 for every succeeding month.

There’s also a three-month package for EUR 29.95. Finally, there’s also a one-time-payment of EUR 89.95 which is good for one year.

How do i pay for Virtual Real Porn?

Payment options include credit and debit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoins.

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The implementation of virtual reality headset systems like the Samsung Gear VR has also come in conjunction with a plethora of VR media – most notably, some of the juiciest most stimulating adult entertainment. Taking its place at the head of the table, VirtualRealPorn caters to both connoisseurs of virtual reality tech as well as those who are just experiencing it for the first time. The only thing thats missing at the moment are VR Sex Cams to have a 1:1 experience with their models.

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There is a lot to be said for their site which has a number of different experiences, all of it mastered in HD – I particularly enjoyed one of their latest updates “The Lunch” which puts you front and center in a roleplay like scenario where you’re over at a friend’s house for lunch.

But the passionate and lovely Hannah has her eye on you, and what starts off as a friendly and inconspicuous blow job under the table suddenly escalates as she undresses and invites you to explore her pussy yourself. She has been rated a great pornstar on many sites like

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Virtual Real Porn For Samsung Gear VR

All of the videos at VirtualRealPorn were quite exceptional – the only complaint was the lack of content, but their library is constantly growing every week, and there are videos that cover just about every desire and orientation, whether you’re into girls, guys, or trans.

Further, they’ve got sub-categories such as roleplay (the set “The Lunch” mentioned earlier) to lesbian masturbations and even some group sex with a trifecta of perky roommates aching to pull you into their mouths and then their cute pert asses.

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Setup With Samsung Gear VR And Sit Back

At VirtualRealPorn they have small trailers that can be downloaded which give you a good taste of what to expect. Of course, once you’ve committed and decided on a video the download is also easy – with the use of the Samsung Gear VR a real virtual player is required, and we recommend Milk VR.

It is important to remember that on the SD Card or Internal memory to note a registry \MilkVR – if it doesn’t exist, you’ll have to manually create it. Afterwards, it is a simple process of uploading the video and using the Milk VR application to run it. Another thing to note is that sometimes it will ask you to convert the files – it is very important to remember that you should neither convert nor change the name of the file, otherwise issues can crop up.

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Granted, another problem with the Samsung Gear VR and its use with VirtualRealPorn are following these steps to the letter. However, credit must be given to VirtualRealPorn for making the process as easy as possible on their end, and in general the quality of their videos are extremely good, translating the binaural sound, 180 and/or 120 degree perspective, and steady camera sensitivity (better, admittedly, than some other sites in which lower quality videos can induce nausea and headaches).

Overall, four and a half stars out of five when everything is considered – really looking forward to some of their upcoming videos in the new year!