Naughty America VR for Samsung Gear VR

One of the top sites for virtual reality porn has continually and relentlessly been Naughty America VR – their success overshadows a number of other porn sites who have tried to sustain the demand for high quality virtual reality media for a number of reasons.

First, the demands for HD quality VR films are much more than average, requiring not only a completely fluid and dynamic video feed to ensure that the immersive content is as realistic as possible, but it also requires much more money to produce in order to maintain compatibility. In short, making sure that the videos are able to work with all the current VR headsets on the market by incorporating second-by-second head tracking, 180 degree stereoscopic vision, and binaural sound.

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Naughty America VR For The Samsung Gear VR

Secondly, Naughty America has tried to make their films as diverse as possible for users of the Samsung Gear VR. There are some stunning beauties just waiting to take their clothes off and open their legs for you, and with the minimal weekly, monthly, and yearly rates it is definitely by far the best deal on the net – Naughty America achieves this by having VR as only a part of their archive (22 films at last count), along with other normal pornography, that allows them to supply it more cheaply than other sites.

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Currently they’re affiliated with 45 different sites, and have over 7000 videos so it’s clear that they’re trying to reach as wide a demographic as possible, which is testament to their move to try and cater to those with a taste for virtual reality. And the sort of extreme sensuality granted by immersing one’s self in a fuck session with gorgeous models in incredible scenarios.

Setting Up The Samsung Gear VR

The setup for the Samsung Gear VR is the same as with other sites however, so there is nothing new in terms of having to apply a different process. The Samsung Gear VR s compatible with both the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6 phones, and after logging into Naughty America simply ensure that the application Milk VR is installed.

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This app is the standard for running virtual reality content, and if it doesn’t exist you will have to manually create the directory “\MilkVR”, either in the phone’s internal memory or on the SD card (depending on which has more space, go with that one).

After downloading, simply plug in your phone to your Samsung Gear VR headset and select the Naughty America file from the ‘Downloaded’ file and your headset will start to run it immediately. It should be noted that in general the headset has its own presets and Naughty America VR (of all the videos we sampled) synced up beautifully – the first movie featured was a delightful slim young brunette in a red leather jumpsuit, and peeling it off of her was almost as good as finally coming inside of her.

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As far as content and quality go, and in terms of the technical compatibility and streamlined interface with the Samsung Gear VR, it’s hard to fault Naughty America VR for anything, although we are excited to see them improve on their content and bring in more and more VR sets as the technology improves and the demand grows for this sort of experience. An easy 4 stars out of 5.